"If history were taught in the form of stories it would never be forgotten." Rudyard Kipling.

Searchers is a collection of true stories spanning two centuries, of people in search of escape, fame, wealth, glory, self-fulfillment, retribution, redemption, or just plain adventure. There are tales of white slaves, a would-be explorer and the woman who fulfilled his dreams, an old-time bandit, gold seekers, a swindle, a war that wasn't a war, the Mountie who was instrumental in the peaceful settling of the Canadian West, outlaws who terrorized British Columbia's Nicola Valley, a 22-year-old who flew a bomber deep into the heart of  Germany during WWII to blow up a dam, the search for a missing aircraft in the Arctic, and more.

Eagle Creek
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"Readers with an interest in Canadian history, a taste for adventure and a love of books set in the great outdoors, will find Gallaher's series a delightful way to encounter the epic elements of our past." Prairie Fire Review of Books

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"Memorable songs...akin to (those) of Stan Rogers and James Keelaghan. ... songs such as The Last Battle (and) Augustus & Catherine...have become as integral a part of the Canadian folk repertoire as Stan Rogers' Northwest Passage and Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain." Northern Journey  (The bible of Canadian folk music)

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