Bill Gallaher calls Victoria, British Columbia home but the road there was long and eventful. Born in Vancouver, he left home at an early age and motorcycled to the Canadian prairies where he befriended and wrestled a black bear named Bruno. He once hitch-hiked and bused from Los Angeles to New Orleans, then spent several years as an RCAF air traffic controller in various locations across the country. Two years with Air/Sea Rescue saw him involved in the rescue of downed pilots in the frozen arctic. He graduated from Simon Fraser University, travelled extensively through Europe, and later taught high school anthropology and social studies until his restlessness took him to Ireland where he turned his hobby of guitar playing and songwriting into a career. He has performed across Canada and as far south as California, on radio and television. Many of his songs have been recorded by other artists. His passion for writing historical ballads led naturally into writing historical novels of which he has penned eight, plus a volume of nonfiction short stories. He has also written newspaper articles and music and book reviews.







                     Ways to become a writer

"If you want to practice the trade known as 'writer' you have to show up for work every day." Leonard Cohen


Mary Margaret Kaye, published several novels under the name M.M. Kaye. Her novel The Far Pavillions was a huge bestseller, but while she was struggling to get through her first book she attended a party where she met W. Somerset Maugham, at that time one of the most famous authors in the world. During a conversation with him, they talked about the process of writing. She mentioned that she was trying to write a novel but didn't think she had what it takes to be a writer because she sometimes spent an entire day working on a single sentence. Maugham's response was,  “My dear young lady, that’s the only thing you’ve said to make me think you may be a writer one day.”